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Platform with a new dimension to contain even more subjects and consequently more children.

The metal structure has been modified to allow us to go further our old top, 5,50 mt.

This specific model in the photo carry up to 28 children, but by choosing larger subjects is possible go up to 36 children.

The hydraulic center is larger than the normal one already used on other platforms, now be abel to carry 4-seater subjects.

Currently this ride can only be made with painted wood floor as shown in the photo an not with the resin wood floor version.

Ancora 1



Carousel with a diameter of 5,00 / 5,50 mt. with new model roof, more striking than the previous model.

Higher ceiling with insertions of a medallion between one ceiling and another, with greater visibility of the personalized decoration.

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The Service carousel center is normally with upward or downward fixed arms.

Now in the new version 2.0 with a small application of 2 hinges, the same arms of the center can be moved up and down simultaneously with the arms of the carousel.

Application possible only for simultaneous and alternating movements

Ancora 3


Screenshot_20201202-164235_Video Player.

Interactive display customized according to the theme of the subject on which it is installed.

The display can include 1 to 3 different types of video clips.

At the same time as the start of the round of the ride, the installed videos are played alternating between them.

Ancora 4


New movement: according to the inverter and the PLC installed, the lap can be alternated with different times in clockwise / anticlockwise.

The PLC will allow to have 3 different "games" to choose from directly from the control panel.

This movement can be requested for any mini-jet model and combined with any existing movement.

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