Big 4-arm carousel (arranged on a large frame) with 4 4-seat subjects.

New model with alternating movement supported by an inverter that makes the movements more smooth and faster.

There is also a PLC installed with 5 different "games" to choose from.

News to highlight: it also runs in the opposite direction at the same time as the usual direction of travel.


Carousel with a diameter of 5,00 / 5,50 mt. with new model roof, more striking than the previous model.

Higher ceiling with insertions of a medallion between one ceiling and another, with greater visibility of the personalized decoration.


The Service carousel center is normally with upward or downward fixed arms.

Now in the new version 2.0 with a small application of 2 hinges, the same arms of the center can be moved up and down simultaneously with the arms of the carousel.

Application possible only for simultaneous and alternating movements


P.I. IT 00644710352 - Cap. Soc. € 40.000,00 int.versato
R.E.A. RE n. 145205 - Reg. Impr. RE n. 006447103352